The broth of metal evolution…

Having too many cooks isn’t always a bad thing, especially when they come up with a strong contender for the greatest ‘cover song’ ever recorded…

Back in the hallowed antiquity of 2015, a Metal Allegiance of singers and musicians formed and made a mind-blowing track. The track they chose was the track ‘We Rock’ by Dio. The original is here, have a listen first if you don’t know it

It’s a great track, admittedly with imperfections between one or two rhythm changes, nonetheless it is a great track. But metal has evolved and collaborative projects are far more common than they once were as musicians have matured, and to some degree, become more dependent on their friends for help. Here is the Metal Allegiance’s version, I will add a link to their website in case you don’t know who all the artists are. Most probably, you’ll want to know who the female with blue hair is above all others.

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