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Someone Satanic had me by the balls, she really did…

If a quiet, demure girl dressed in black paints her face and has an inverted cross on her cheek in black, how can you not fall for her? She had me by the balls but alas she is coupled up … Continue reading

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Know thyself, then the life you lead, based on your own accumulated self-knowledge and self-understanding is yours to either enjoy or dispense with, courtesy of the rationally informed opinion you have settled upon…

On October 9th 2016, a memory no more than a split second is all I have of the cycling accident I caused, travelling around 40kms an hour I should not, under any circumstances whatsoever, have survived that accident. Not only … Continue reading

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Why don’t you just become a machine? After all… .

The last revelation before the enforced hiatus in the music video expansion is this track by the Chicago-based outfit ‘Harm’s Way’. The way they end this track must be commended, great vid also.

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The post ‘Cliff Burton’ Metallica…is it or was it ever disharmonious?

I can’t decide whether the primary factor in play is obstinacy or sensitivity but even though it’s more than 31 years since Cliff was taken from Metallica and everything else he cherished, I still don’t listen to the music they … Continue reading

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Everything dies…

The platitude ‘every picture says a 1000 words’, is of course a platitude only. Although pictures show a great deal, they hide a lot also. Here is a picture taken 2 days ago of myself sat on a stool at … Continue reading

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