624 not yet 666

Don’t ask how or why but forgetful me somehow forget all about Flotsam and Jetsam, subsequently pushing videos to 624 not yet 666.

As it stands

Metal A-B –  89 videos

Metal C-E –  89 videos

Metal F-K – 120 videos

Metal L-O – 111 videos

Metal P-S –  122 videos

Metal T-Z –  94  videos

The video below that brought back a quasi-untimely reminder that long-term memory remains unblemished while its ‘so called’ “antithesis”, ‘short-term memory’ is definitely blemished, and remains best forgotten by all attempts, failing or otherwise. It took one year for the blisterine boredom that June 1990 once had to return with the following track now added. Hardly unblemished I know but compared to…

Yep pic below be me, I look okay right? Well I look happy, yes? And yes I was. Sometimes escapism is fuelled by inescapism…dropping 15 kgs because your stomach is about to burst and can’t accept food in meal form for 4 months isn’t always the worst thing to suffer from, and I should know…


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