The smiling cyclist who suddenly had much less to smile about…

This morning, I put 7 kms on the bike, which of course is nothing. I noticed that I was, as usual, going too fast. With a wry smile I thought about the song L.F.D.Y [Live Fast Die Young] by the young Italian band Ultra-Violence.

Whilst cycling I thought to myself ‘ahem, I am middle-aged already thus the title of the song can’t be applied to myself and my riding style’.

A few more kms down the road I thought about the near fatal accident I had on Oct 9th 2016. I was told that I was also cycling too fast then, which was the primary cause of the accident and it got me thinking. I so often listen to music before or whilst riding to give me extra speed and energy. If I wasn’t so into metal, how different would my riding style be? If I listen to romantic classical music, would I be over-doing so much on my bike I asked myself. I realised very quickly that I would not be, and for a few seconds only, took leave of my senses, sure that I would be better off having a very different taste in music…ha ha, I’m still a kid, so in certain respects I probably will live fast and die young…

More from Ultra Violence – The way I’ll stay.




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