‘It’s always funny until someone gets hurt and then it’s just hilarious’? Is it always so? Well, try spending over a year expanding your music video library until you reach your desired target then try to put the brakes on and see what happens…its not funny and it’s not hilarious even though deleting additions does indeed hurt.

I’ve adopted a 1 in 1 out policy so that the number stays at 666. Some things I rarely listen to, so they are the first to go but it’s getting harder. I feel as though I am caught in a crossfire between new and old, with the former taking priority. As it stands it is:

Metal A-B 85 Videos8

Metal C-E 94 Videos

Metal F-K 131 Videos

Metal L-O 128 Videos

Metal P-S 119 Videos

Metal T-Z 109 Videos

Here’s one of them, Ricochet by Faith No More, still my favourite band. I used to listen to this whilst cycling at night through the rain in the countryside that took me into Hertfordshire in early May 1995, just before I started University there.

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