Photos from friends…

I just worked out that when I went to see Annihilator play at the Marquee in London way back on Sept 6th 1990, the support act was Xentrix! Anyway, here’s some photos from a month or two back, sent on by some friends…

I always wear an inverted cross but not due to any religious persuasion as that silly nonsense is for idiots only, but because I love metal and those I admired in mubyouth always wore them. It’s iconographic and not representative of anything other than the aforementioned. Even at 17 I wore one.

In the top picture you can see I am wearing a Celtic Frost shirt, in the second picture Triptykon, the band Thomas Warrior/Fischer went onto form. The picture below is Celtic Frost, at the very front is Martin Eric Ain who sadly died last year. He has always been such a source of inspiration. At the age of 17 I found him fascinating and still do. He believed in himself and never let anything get in his way.

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