What to make of this remark…

I am beginning to find autobiographies from known metal guitarists difficult. They say things in a rather whimsical manner which makes you wonder who then put such content into text. In the passage below, Scott Ian -guitarist for NYC band Anthrax as you probably know, gives an account of what is, historically, Metallica’s most controversial song, given the severity of the impact it had on their fan base at the time, who it is reported accused Metallica of ‘selling out’.

Given the numerous accusations levelled at Metallica, mostly centering around suicide as there are at least two cases of that by lost youths, after listening to the song, and many following accusations that Metallica incited suicide amongst the youth of the upper east-coast back in 1984, we would hope that the song ‘Fade to Black’ is more than a lament over stolen equipment!!!!

When I became a father, I used to play the lullaby version to my daughter to help her sleep. Given that I suffered with depression for 8 years when I was young, it brought tears to my eyes to be finally free from that. My daughter found the lullaby version soothing…

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