Modern times

The metal scene in modern times is hard to define and there are more than several reasons why. One of them, however, is the down to the ‘so-called’ digital revolution we are currently going through. Metallica sued Napster for good reason despite having already ‘made it’. Their source of revenue was seriously affected. If you’ve ever wondered why concerts costs so much more these days then bear in mind why sales began to drop significantly more than a decade ago. If you read the content on Blabbermouth then you’ll find many articles where band members explain how hard it is for bands to survive today…

I don’t agree with what is said in that article at all. Musicians act, primarily, out of self-interest and so equate a loss of revenue with genre degeneration. That’s not true at all and has much more to do with themselves not wanting to make an effort anymore as the cantankerous effect of old age creeps in, and an unquestioned belief that they have already ‘made it’ than anything else, sometimes also combined with a lack of imagination on their part as well as their own transmogrification into a curmudgeon as a result. The scene on the whole is more vibrant than it has been for decades and certainly more diverse.  There is also evidence of adaptation. Those more successful, like Metallica for example, have more clout and exemplify how a band can successfully adapt.

One of the benefits of our digital world is that bands can reach an audience much wider than when record companies had full control over distribution outlets, as was the case up until 10-15 years ago. Courtesy of youtube alone bands can attract more than a million fans. When I was young, listening to bands from far flung places that aren’t signed to a major record label was nigh-on impossible. Yet recently I found a track that I still can’t stop listening to and half of it is sung in Maori. You’ll have to forego the first 42 seconds, which in my opinion is a poor example of using music to send a message. What I find most striking is the blend of past genres. The riff is so heavy, almost like a well-crafted Sabbath riff. The way they drop the pace after the second verse and bring the riff into the track is, in my opinion, absolutely astonishing -and that on top of melodic vocals you wouldn’t associate with such a solid sound. Its truly modern fusion and man that is one hell of a riff. Enjoy, I know I certainly did. Couldn’t get it out of my head for days.

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