The law of diminishing returns…

Its a widely held belief amongst metalheads, journalists, established bands and professional musicians that the first Metal Allegiance album, way back in 2014, was the best thing in decades. Perhaps that is stretching it a bit far but even if its the best thing in a long time, does that tell us something about the metal genre as a whole? There are so many young and new bands around, so why is it that those who inspired them continue to be better? Is it simply that the previous generation were better because they were influenced by a better generation themselves, compared to today’s many bands?

For example, many of the Scandinavian bands refer to Bathory as a major influence. I grew up listening to them, and if I am being honest, at their very best they weren’t that great. Bathory were influenced by Black Sabbath, who have been listened to for decades for good reasons.

A lot of American bands cite Pantera as a big influence, but again with the exception of one decent album, they didn’t do that much.

I can’t think of one single band in the current metal scene that can come close to those who succeeded in the 80s. Often the bands they copy or are inspired by were also worse than them…I wonder whether I am very wrong here or metal itself has, on the whole, waned…? When you discover a band and those they cite as major influences were at their brief very best, distinctly average, you can’t help but think they don’t have much promise themselves. If what inspires them pales in comparison to the previous generation, what then. Sorry but when bands harp on about how bands from 1995 onwards were a major influence, it tells me straight away that they either have very poor taste or have not yet learnt to go beyond what they grew up with…

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