Absence makes the heart grow…

A year of self-imposed exile comes to a close when the active life I led resumes from afar. I bought a ticket for my first ever open air-festival. It’s in the Czech Republic and is called Brutal Assault, here is the link https://brutalassault.cz/en

All that is required is to book a flight, buy a tent and promise myself to stay sober solemnly -otherwise I won’t remember a fucking thing about it….oh and take a look at Prague whilst I’m at it.

So exile. How was that? What did I miss? Well, I do have many, many friends in Bangkok and had the best nights of my life with them for sure. Though the underground scene there is small, it is vibrant. The Thai’s are fun-loving and friendly people. Okay, maybe not accomplished musically but they know how to enjoy themselves. And I noticed that when bands from the region came, they picked up on that pretty fast.

If you were to ask me what was my favourite night out from last year, the answer would be obvious -when ‘Evil Singing Pandas’ from Singapore rolled into town of course. When people go to see a band live, its either professionalism or passion that they want to see and hear or ideally a combination of both. In an underground scene, it tends to be passion that wins the audience over -and that’s what I loved about ‘Evil Singing Pandas’ so much. Not only did they play well but, more importantly, they played with real passion. Remy, the singer, took center stage and reveled in the moment. And not only that, they were really great to hang out with too -evil they weren’t, cool they were.


Yes that’s myself in the background behind the singer.

There is often a ritual obeisance paid towards professional bands, as if they are the only ones seeing but its not so. If you know what you like and those who play for you are passionate too -throw in a few friends, loads of alcohol and a great evening awaits. Snap out of consumerism and buying into the ‘big bands’ go out, mosh, get fucked and stagger home instead…

You only live the once, might as well enjoy it while it lasts…

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