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Did he?

This is important. Did Jesus ever build a hotrod and if so what colour was it?

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No matter what

No matter what I just couldn’t enjoy my first open-air festival in the Czech Republic. It was too hard to adjust to on so many levels and metal heads are not the best of people when they group up. I … Continue reading

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A Showstopper or a double-crossing Judas?

I recently went to the Czech Republic to the Brutal Assault festival, which I will write about shortly. There is an amusing moment which I want to share. When Sacred Reich came on they opened with everyone’s favourite song ‘Death … Continue reading

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Absence makes the heart grow…

A year of self-imposed exile comes to a close when the active life I led resumes from afar. I bought a ticket for my first ever open air-festival. It’s in the Czech Republic and is called Brutal Assault, here is … Continue reading

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Some fine British comedy…

Fine British comedy here, which is not too far from the truth.

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The law of diminishing returns…

Its a widely held belief amongst metalheads, journalists, established bands and professional musicians that the first Metal Allegiance album, way back in 2014, was the best thing in decades. Perhaps that is stretching it a bit far but even if … Continue reading

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Modern times

The metal scene in modern times is hard to define and there are more than several reasons why. One of them, however, is the down to the ‘so-called’ digital revolution we are currently going through. Metallica sued Napster for good … Continue reading

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The Celtic, Belgian, Queens effect…

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What to make of this remark…

I am beginning to find autobiographies from known metal guitarists difficult. They say things in a rather whimsical manner which makes you wonder who then put such content into text. In the passage below, Scott Ian -guitarist for NYC band … Continue reading

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Photos from friends…

I just worked out that when I went to see Annihilator play at the Marquee in London way back on Sept 6th 1990, the support act was Xentrix! Anyway, here’s some photos from a month or two back, sent on … Continue reading

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