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The presumed importance of context and defining what you are…

However cocky or clever you may be or think you are, the certitude with which the utterances you repeat about how ‘I know myself’, or ‘what I like’ or ‘what defines me’ or ‘what I don’t like’, comes, in all … Continue reading

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Everything dies…

The platitude ‘every picture says a 1000 words’, is of course a platitude only. Although pictures show a great deal, they hide a lot also. Here is a picture taken 2 days ago of myself sat on a stool at … Continue reading

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A creature of habit…

I went jogging at dawn this morning. It was a truly wonderful experience as is so often the case. I went running along a route I have taken for many years and noted that I listened to the same songs … Continue reading

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What to do here?

Rachel, you are of course free to do as you wish but given all that has gone on I find it hard to understand why you visit this site. The other I understand for obvious reasons but this site? First … Continue reading

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Connecticut is where hate breeds…

Late last year, I discovered the band ‘Hatebreed’ whilst lazing around on a sofa in some hotel close to the airport in Muscat, Oman of all places. And my-oh-my, how the stomach churned when I learnt they are from Connecticut, … Continue reading

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Local yes -born out of ‘a spirit of rebellion’.

Chess has been my main hobby throughout much of my life. Even at 16 I wore Metallica and Slayer T-shirts to the local chess club, often attracting attention by older club members. Just before I stopped playing in international tournaments, … Continue reading

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What are Fridays for…

Not just sitting around at home, that’s for sure. You’ll become bored and find things to do, as I just did.                    

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The ever-changing map…

‘The Unexamined life is not worth living.’ – Socrates Establishing to what extent the music industry has evolved in more recent decades past is difficult to say the least. Commercially, there has been sustained growth as the decades have gone … Continue reading

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If it weren’t for the minor discrepancy that there is no final piece to the jigsaw, I could assert with some confidence that: the final piece to the jigsaw has been found!

When I started listening to heavy metal again, after a break of about a decade, I noticed that much of what I liked in my youth could be found on youtube. I began to create my own video library, which … Continue reading

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The fun in finding yourself…

It’s too long ago to be sure but I did see Obituary play in London, in the summer of 1991. I know how I used to stage dive and I’m fairly sure that is me at the 2.07 mark,

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