A Showstopper or a double-crossing Judas?

I recently went to the Czech Republic to the Brutal Assault festival, which I will write about shortly. There is an amusing moment which I want to share. When Sacred Reich came on they opened with everyone’s favourite song ‘Death Squad’. They were a bit rusty and it wasn’t as great as I hoped but was still well worth listening to. But as soon as it finished they announced they would play a new song. Then I accidentally halted their performance. I was very close to the stage and as soon as I heard that, I turned around and walked off. This caused singer Phil Rind to react, he said ‘That guy looks skeptical’ and then claimed he got the song order mixed up. When I can find the whole thing on video I will post it but I can show you the later half. At least he said it with a smile on his face and many laughed. As I walked away, I admit I did feel bad but with 140 bands in 4 days, you had to cut some bands short. Here’s the latter half of his reaction when I walked off.

So the pause at the beginning is after he said ‘That guy looks sceptical’, admittedly it does make me chuckle that I caused that even though I have always loved them as a band.

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