Everything dies…

The platitude ‘every picture says a 1000 words’, is of course a platitude only. Although pictures show a great deal, they hide a lot also. Here is a picture taken 2 days ago of myself sat on a stool at a concert I braved the elements for. I look healthy or thereabouts right? Or do I look like someone with two broken bones, having just dropped 22lbs in a month after becoming seriously ill? I don’t right but that is the truth.

The venue was busy as Agnostic Front played the following day, the mosh pit got going early yet I could not move from the stool I sat on…well I managed to once but only once before I left 3 hours early. The reason why I looked away as the photo was taken is because sitting at a concert whilst almost motionless throughout is rather embarrassing…

I began the day not wanting to wake. The song that I listened to first was by the drab 4 as they were once called, that being Type O Negative. So I end this post with the song the title is taken from.

  • R.I.P Pete Steele

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