That magic number

I finally reached 666 videos for the music video collection I began expanding last year.

The two main challenges have been; finding all the songs I have liked over the years, understanding the metal scene as it is today, having a much broader range of sub-genres than it did two or three decades ago, working with such a large number, as six hundred and sixty six certainly is.

Regarding the last point, the criteria for inclusion has been 1) great song, 2) great video, and 3) a combination of both. It is 2) that has to be revised because there are many videos I have which I can’t watch because the song is stunningly mediocre in my opinion or is of no interest to myself. This has meant I can pull out songs I will never like and replace them with content from bands I have always liked but without a video accompaniment. Over time I should have a tidy, streamlined video/music collection which will stay put at my favourite number 666.



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